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 IT-Harvest Press 

We are a small press dedicated to publishing good writers of good non-fiction. Are you an experienced blogger? Do you write about technology, history, or policy? Contacts us!

Like many first time authors, Richard Stiennon was very frustrated with the process of working with a big traditional publisher.  For conemporary non-fiction the biggest frustration is with the time it takes to go from finished manuscript to published book, often over a year!


So Richard created IT-Harvest Press to publish UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst influence. It was available via Print on Demand only four weeks after completion. After that he published Wide Open Privacy and CYBERMILITIA, once again demonstrating that it is possible to get into print only a month after the manuscript is complete.


As IT-Harvest grows we will continue to explore how to partner with great writers to assemble and publish their books. The only aspect up to the writer is to deliver a complete manuscript. We edit, copy edit, create cover designs, publish, and market our joint creations.


Send us a link to your blog to get started!

Marketing books, we are discovering, is really hard. But non-fiction books have an advantage over fiction. People find them based on keyword search. Watch our blog for updates on various strategies we take to get to market.

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