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There Will Be Cyberwar:

How The Move to Network-Centric War Fighting Has Set the Stage for Cyberwar




The latest work from industry analyst Richard Stiennon. Published June 15, 2015.


This book takes the reader on a journey from the discovery of the power of networking by the US militaryand on to the creation of US Cyber Command. Along the way it is revealed how most military systems for communication, reconnaisance, and precision targeting, were built with little attention paid to inherent vulnerabilities.


The Internet of Things, IoT, has come to war fighting, and like most systems that come online, it is vulnerable. This is the first book that explores these vulnerabilities and projects the consequences for future war fighting.


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The first review has been posted by Ben Rothke who says "At 135 pages, the book is a quick and enthralling read."

Rothke goes on to say:

"A both fascinating and horrifying point the book makes is that the US does not have a comprehensive program to certify that integrated circuits going into US weapons systems don’t contain malicious circuits. While DARPA is working on such a program, it’s still in its infancy; leaving US systems and military equipment at risk."



Commenting on FaceBook, Ellen Messmer, veteran reporter from Network World, had this to say:


"The book is a straightforward, credible, detailed description of why this country is going to get slammed big-time even as our government thinks it can slam another country. Makes you almost want to find a country without a network..."


Reviewer Bill H. on Amazon had this to say:


"Within 162 pages Richard Stiennon has managed to capture the essence of the international context focused on cyberwarfare. This is a HIGHLY recommended read on current cyber warfare!"


To inquire about speaking engagements with the author contact Kristin Haggar.


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