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CYBERMILITIA: A Citizen Strategy to Fight, Win, and End War in Cyberspace


Cybermilitia is an important contribution to the debate on cyber conflict and how the world should deal with rising hacktivism, cyber crime, and the threat of cyberwar. Authors Siobhan MacDermott and J.R. Smith propose a grass roots solution that counters the call for more fiefdoms, and jockying for postion.


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About the Authors

J.R. Smith is one of the foremost experts on the future of Information Technology, disruptive innovation as well as consumer privacy, rights, and dynamics, both within the United States and globally. He is currently CEO of AVG Technologies, a multinational corporation recognized as one of the biggest players in the consumer security software market. AVG is uniquely positioned to spear- head innovation in the privacy and security industries, thanks to the employment of some of the world’s leading experts in privacy, security and disruptive technologies. In February 2012, Smith led a successful public offering of AVG Technologies on the New York Stock Exchange.


Siobhan MacDermott is one of the leading global authorities on the future of Information Technology, consumer dynamics, cybersecurity, privacy, and business leadership. She currently is Chief Policy Officer of AVG Technologies, having worked in senior leadership positions at some of the best U.S. and global technology companies. MacDermott is both a US and EU national, and has worked on four continents and speaks five languages. She received her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, is working on her second Masters degree at The Fletcher School, and serves on and advises several boards including the Internet Security Alliance and the Fund for Peace.

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