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SCADA and ME: A Book For Children and Managers


The first and only illustated guide to Industrial Control System Security.


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Author Robert Lee created this wonderful illustrated guide to SCADA to educate and inform. Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems pervade every part of our technological life. They are embedded in hospitals, power grids, and manufacturing plants. Most systems were designed and deployed well before the modern day Internet and the incredible amount of cyber attacks we see in the news daily. SCADA systems are subject to those attacks and most are vulnerable. Understanding this vulnerability and moving the conversation towards protecting the critical infrastructure controlled by SCADA systems is the purpose of SCADA and Me. This easy-to-consume book is a must-have for anyone involved in cyber education.


Visit Little Bobby to see the latest collaboration of Robert M. Lee with illustrator Jeff Haas.


See the Spanish version, SCADA y YO. There are also translations in German (SCADA und ICH) and Japanese!

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