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Successful Launch of Secure Cloud Transformation at RSA Conference 2019

The biggest show in the IT security universe was in March and Secure Cloud Transformation: The CIO's Journey was a great success. It started with a three minute announcement at the Cloud Security Alliance Congress on Monday, a breakfast event at Morton's Steak House on Tuesday, then the first book signing. People lined up to get their signed copies from the author, Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. (Or maybe they were there for the free ice cream.)

Andrew Plato, founder of Anitian, the AWS compliance platform, dropped by the booth to conduct a video interview.

A dinner that night, was followed by another book signing on Wednesday. In total 360 books were given away.

Meanwhile the 20 books at the RSAC Book Store were sold out.

Three video interviews were conducted with the author, and Ben Rothke has this to say on the RSA Blog.

"...for those whose management need convincing that the cloud is real, effective, secure and can possibly save them significant time, effort and budget, Secure Cloud Transformation: The CIO'S Journey should be on their reading list."

There is something to be said for an industry event that gets so many people together to do business, network, and learn. Look for big things for IT-Harvest Press at RSAC 2020!

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